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Your website must be as unique as your business

Every business needs to have an online presence from having a website through to social media and regular updates on the business and its offerings and news. But this can’t just be a copy and paste type of website or off the shelf website. Your website and all other elements of your online presence needs to be unique, different and a better experience than what your competitors offer. Ultimately you need a high specification, custom website that is going to set you apart from the competition.

If you are a Los Angeles based business then you have hundreds of service providers for custom websites. They range from the home office based individual through to larger companies with teams of creative and graphic designers sitting alongside programmers. Your choice will largely depend on budget, but whatever your budget you must insist on a custom website in order to differentiate yourself from the thousands of generic websites that are out there right now. Every company is different whether it is related to product or service portfolio, customer experience and target market or simply the company image. Custom websites are a way to reflect how you differ and are unique. When assessing or even getting quotes from potential custom websites service providers there are a few attributes about them and your new website that you need to consider before making a final appoint or contract. First of all you must be able to work with the website design provider. A custom website doesn’t just involve the skills of the programmer and graphic designer but also significant amounts of your company’s and employee’s time. There is information for the website to be communicated, brand colors and current marketing designs that will be used to customize your website, possibly product databases as well as your company strategy for attracting new customers. You will spend a lot of time with the custom websites provider. They should also have a substantial portfolio of previously designed websites and preferably within the industry in which you operate. This will mean the custom websites contractor will have an understanding of customers, operations and trends within your industry, thus greatly helping the translation of business information into a navigable and appealing website. You will also need to assess the contractor’s ability to rapidly update the website with news and new information. Customers expect rapid turnover of information, new information and are easily bored by a static webpage. If you are in a business and industry where there is daily or even weekly information, your website designer and provider must have the time and be able to update your website if and when needed.

Choosing the custom websites provider is a critical marketing decision. A significant majority of your customers will be choosing between you and your competitors based on a visit to your website. Difficulties in finding information, a poor image on your website or a lack of updates will mean they question what and how their experience with your bricks and mortar and customer facing staff will ultimately be. Once they start questioning, you have probably lost them as new customers.

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